Your digital tourguide

Generate tailormade plans for your guest using an AI powered digital tourguide.


Guide your customers


Plans consider interests of your guests while keeping a good mix with other activities.


digiGuide generates plans considering activities across your whole region.


Configure Open/Closing hours to generate good plans, no matter the season.


Analyze generated plans and user interactions to gain insights.

Combining hostpitality, events and transportation services

Hospitality and events are considered in a dayplan and if they are not at the same location, transportation services are planned to take your guests to them.

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Let AI generate tailormade dayplans

Plans are generated automatically. But you have full control over the activities that are added to the plans.

  • Manage availability of activities using opening hours
  • Custom rules ensure valid plans
  • Activities and transport services supported
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Diverse Content

Manage diverse content to be shown in activity details.

Point of interests

Configure point of interests. digiGuide considers them and plans transportation services.


Plans are tailormade to the interests of your guests.


Configure activity scores to influence when they are proposed in a plan.

Customer Journey

How does it work?